Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is really a suspension of ultra-fine silver particles in a suitable base. The highest quality is made by non chemical method, where the sub microscopic, negatively charged silver particles are kept in suspension in de-mineralized h2o. These particles posses a uniform charge, zeta potential that helps in preventing the aggregation. Purer types of the preparations are colored golden yellow. When the preparation is specified to be refrigerated or perhaps is found to contain aggregates at the end, then it can be safely assumed to be contaminated along with other ingredients apart from the silver particles.

Silver Water

Colloidal silver has been utilized for healing within the practice of Eastern medicine. Research studies in the early 20th century have shown that it is a highly effective mechanism for curtailing infective agents for example viruses and pathogenic fungi and bacteria. The silver ions inhibit the oxygen metabolic pathway from the unicellular pathogens and destroy the micro-organisms. Subsequently, they are identified and eliminated in the body by the immune and also the lymphatic systems.

You will find conflicting reports concerning the long-term use of colloidal silver. Some studies implicate the utilization as a major cause for aggria, a debilitating condition due to the deposition of silver salts in various tissues such as the skin, eye, and internal organs. However, some others cite case studies that highlight its potential anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and propose no harmful negative effects even after the administration of large doses over extended periods. There are several articles meant for its non-allergic, anti-infective, and healing properties. The healing ability is related to the alkaline nature of colloidal silver.

Silver is an important trace element necessary for the human body. It contributes to 0.001% of the minerals and deficiency can lead to functional impairment from the immune system, a major defense mechanism of the body.

Colloidal silver has amazing properties. It's a highly versatile substance with several applications in healing afflictions by either a topical preparation or through ingestion like a liquid, in veterinary science, and gardening and against infectious micro-organisms. It is considered as a suitable antiseptic for application to baby's eyes and something of the best deodorants on the market.

Colloidal Silver


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